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We are the signage factory making your ideas visible.
Indoor and outdoor visual communication solutions.


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What we do

We are more than 60 dedicated professionals, who strive to provide our customers with the best products and service every day.

Our factory is not the largest, but among Europe´s leading companies with top modern production facility.

We optimise and invest constantly to ensure development.

All production under the same roof. 3000 m2 production area + 1500 m2 storage located in 1,14 ha area.

Export to most of Europe.

Our own organisation or partners with local sales team at our primary markets.

Carlsberg commercial placed on the Town center in Copenhagen

Logistics & Packaging

  • We offer packaging as desired.
  • We manage the logistics
  • We can send individually or collectively to one or more destinations – anywhere ind the world

Project Management & Mounting


Design and development

Proof and documentation

Production and implementation

After Sale Service


ISO 9001
LST EN 1090-1;1090-3
LST EN ISO 3834-2

Our Material suppliers are of course among the best in their industry.

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